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SW POWER LTD sells LED modules in bulk. Diode products are very widely used for organizing decorative lighting, LED screens. Street screens and multimedia panels are used for outdoor advertising and sports and entertainment facilities.

The night streets of modern cities amaze with bright luminous signs and advertisements. Decorative lighting effectively illuminates shop windows, monuments, houses and architectural structures, fountains. Pedestrian paths are illuminated with traditional lanterns and lamps built into the path. LEDs of different colors create cozy illumination of pedestrian areas and bright decorative advertising and backlighting. A huge screen is an integral equipment of stadiums and concert halls.

What is an LED module

There are other names: block, cluster. This is a device of several diodes combined in one housing. For large screens, depths and structures, multi-cluster LED modules are available. The LED cluster is essentially an emitter. A single-color module glows in a certain color: blue, red, green, etc. Multi-color blocks contain diodes of several colors. There are also RGB modules.

Fields of application for LED modules

LED modules apply:

  • in accent lighting of architectural structures, monuments, facades of houses and structures;
  • in lighting original landscape elements or plants;
  • for window dressing and luminous signs, traffic lights, luminous traffic signs;
  • in outdoor advertising;
  • modules operating at low voltage are mounted to illuminate fountains, pools, aquariums;
  • for interior lighting.

Advantages of LED modules

The main advantage of clusters is very economical power consumption. Diode modules consume less electricity than any other types of lighting: neon, fluorescent. For example, two and a half times less than fluorescent lamps.

This is not the only advantage of diode clusters. There are others:

  1. Long service life.
  2. Resistant to temperature extremes and negative temperatures.
  3. The compact size allows them to be mounted in small fixtures and hard-to-reach places.
  1. The modules are safe to use – they operate at a voltage of 12-30 V.
  1. The ability to combine modules into powerful lighting fixtures.
  2. LED lamps are easy to control, it is possible to smoothly adjust the brightness of the glow using a dimmer.
  3. Easy assembly.

Diode clusters last longer than LED strips. The industry produces a very wide range of LED modules of various power, color, design and operating voltage. The buyer has a choice of LED modules of the desired design and purpose – from small street lamps to pixel diodes for LED screens.

Characteristics of LED modules

Structurally, the LED block consists of a board with LEDs installed on it. The structure is usually poured into a sealed enclosure. Clusters have different shapes and dimensions.

Modules come in different brightness, one-color or with a combination of diodes of several colors. Control schemes depend on the type of LED block. Operating voltage – 220 or 12-30 volts. Power is determined by the number of diodes in the cluster. Types of modules:

  • modules consisting of strings of diodes connected in series with a separate control circuit that limits the amount of current;
  • LED clusters and built-in current limiting device;

Blocks of the second type are connected directly to the electrical network or batteries. Modules with a built-in controller adjust the brightness of the glow. If the cluster consists of diodes of several colors, then the controller selects the color of the diode chain. The controller controls the activation of a certain circuit using a bus with two or three wires. Controlled with a remote control. The name of the three-color RGB modules is common.

One-color modules (clusters) are: white, yellow, blue, red, green. White single-color clusters have different glow temperatures: from 2700 to 10000 K. Multicolor modules are: trichromatic, bichromatic, tetrachromatic. Sometimes diodes + RGB are installed in clusters.

Cluster sizes depend on the number of diodes and the density of their arrangement in the cluster. Depending on the density, the area of ​​the luminous surface changes. A miniature control circuit is also built into the cluster. It does not affect block sizes.

The dimensions of the LED module increase additional elements. They are built into the body of the block. List of elements: I didn’t understand what they wanted to say, I can’t match, taken out of context, can you give the original phrase in English?

  • a lens that provides uniform illumination;
  • mounts;
  • reflector;
  • Elements to protect against rain and snow.

Wholesale LED modules

Buying goods in bulk is more profitable than buying in small lots. The price of goods in a large lot is always cheaper. It is unprofitable to buy LED modules from different suppliers in small batches. When buying from the manufacturer, the trade margin is minimal. Delivery of goods from one place reduces logistics costs.

SW POWER LTD produces LED modules, controllers, amplifiers, control circuits, power supplies. The range of diode blocks satisfies any requests of our customers. The company sells modules in large and small lots.

Buy LED modules in Ukraine

SW POWER LTD is a leading manufacturer of LED modules in Ukraine. We manufacture clusters in a large assortment. The company sells LED modules in bulk. You can buy controllers, amplifiers, power supplies from us. We follow the latest LED products. All innovations quickly expand our range.

The interests of our clients are our number one priority. We are responsible for the impeccable quality of LED modules. Good quality is the key to a long-term relationship with the client. Therefore, all products undergo quality control. The quality is confirmed by certificates.

To buy LED blocks, please contact us in any way. Communication channels – by phone, via e-mail or through the website. Online sales save you time and effort. Managers treat all customers equally. We organize the delivery of diode modules throughout Ukraine. Delivery to neighboring countries is possible.