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Light strips are a very good solution for lighting inside and outside. LED strip transforms the interior, giving a feeling of comfort. This decoration has been a trend for many decades. You can see diode tapes everywhere: in the city during the holidays, in cafes and restaurants, in bookstores and boutiques.

In this article, we will analyze all the features of choosing LED strips and tell you where wholesale LED strips are sold, as well as related products of good quality.

Types of diode tapes

There are thousands of LED models, but they can be divided into several types according to several categories: according to the direction of glow, according to the type of color rendering, and by purpose. The type of glow in diodes is:

  • frontal;
  • end.

Color reproduction can be:

  • multicolor (RGB ribbon);
  • one-color (it usually comes in cold and warm tones: white, yellow, blue, red, etc.).

According to the type of security devices are divided into:

  • open diode strip, non-hemetic;
  • hermetic tape protected by silicon on the diode side;
  • Totally closed sealed tape.

Diode tapes are divided both by diameter and by type of light bulbs. The price of the tape directly depends on them. Illuminators with large and bright bulbs should be chosen for illuminating shop windows or outdoor elements, and small ones for interior decoration and decoration.

SMD light bulbs are suitable for surface mounting, because they are small in size and bright. Crystalline OWL bulbs are used for powerful and bright outdoor lighting.

Of all the diode strips, LED strips are the most popular. With their help, you can decorate the room inside and out. They are used in the design of shops, shop windows, as well as for decorating houses and apartments with cheerful “lights”.

Moisture resistance of LED strips: protection level

In order not to make a mistake with the purchase of the tape, you must first understand what you are going to use it for. This will help determine what level of protection the light bulbs will need. The interior of the premises does not require additional protection, unless, of course, it is a kitchen or bathroom. In the latter cases, increased moisture resistance is required (it is designated IP43 / 44, while ordinary tapes are IP20). If you are going to use the LED strip outdoors, then you will need super resistance to temperature changes, snow, rain and wind. This protection is usually referred to as IP54/55.

LED lighting is absolutely safe and can be used in high humidity conditions. The main thing is to pay attention to the level of protection, and then you can not be afraid of a short circuit or a quick breakdown of the diodes. But safety is not the only thing to consider when choosing a lighting fixture.

How to choose an LED strip?

The colors of the tape and its brightness are not the last characteristics on the list. The brightness directly depends on the number of bulbs per 1 meter and their diameter.

Pay attention also to whether the bulbs are powered by a 220V mains supply or if a 12V adapter is provided. It is also important to have a separate battery from which the tape can work, regardless of the mains.

Some ribbons have brightness settings that make it easier to use and expand functionality. The presence of an adhesive base can also be a bonus, which facilitates the installation procedure.

The cost also speaks about the product: too low a price is most likely a sign of low-quality products. Look for one that will meet the stated characteristics.

Advantages of LED lighting

Dioid tape is also used for full lighting. It can almost completely replace standard sources. LED strips have several strengths that distinguish them from traditional lamps:

  1. Energy saving and high performance.
  2. Absolutely safe and non-toxic materials.
  3. LEDs last for up to 100,000 hours. That’s many times longer than conventional light bulbs.
  4. High resistance to temperature extremes. The mode in which the diodes can operate: from -60 to +40 degrees Celsius.
  5. Diode bulbs do not blind the eyes and provide high-quality lighting without flicker.

Diodes do not require special care. The light bulb can fail, but the repair is extremely simple: you just need to replace it, while the rest of the tape continues to work without problems.

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Wholesale LED strips

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