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The SW POWER LTD company offers flexible neon wholesale with delivery to all regions of Ukraine for design work on the design of buildings and premises. Our flex led neon is an alliance of safety, long life, energy saving.

Characteristics of flexible neon

A neon cord is a plastic tube made of silicone with LEDs (light emitting diode or LED) dotted inside. The polymer masks the location of the diodes, which gives a uniform glow. Flexible neon is sold in bulk in reels of 25 m. LED neon flex is available in two types – for operation on direct current 220 V and 12 V.

Mounting flex led neon is identical to connecting an LED strip. To connect and connect to a power source, they put connectors, controllers with a dimming mode, heat shrink tubes, plugs. Limitations on the length of the segment:

  • for neon at 220 V – 50 m with a cutting frequency of 1 m;
  • for 12 V neon – 20 m with a cutting ratio of 2.5 cm.

To avoid damage to the LEDs during cutting, buy wholesale flexible neon in Ukraine only factory-made with labels. Batteries should be taken with a margin of 20-30% of the calculated backlight power.

Working temperature of flexible neon -40 – +60 ºС. With prolonged solar exposure or with frequent climatic changes, the polymer does not fade, does not crack.

Scope of application of flexible neon

The main area of ​​installation of flex neon is design. Luminous cords create outdoor structures, decorate rooms. Neon ribbons are used for decoration:

  • building facades;
  • porches, entrance groups;
  • backyard landscape;
  • street objects – poles, fences, parking barriers and barriers, stops;
  • children’s, sports grounds;
  • stadiums;
  • festival objects – Christmas trees, trees, hanging structures in yards and streets.

Architectural lighting with cold neon decorates the contours of houses or individual elements.

Spectacular landscape design is obtained when trees, fountains, flower beds, alpine slides, figurines are decorated with flexible neon. There are many ideas for creating fabulous magic on the site. It is enough to attract imagination, buy a flexible LED neon, and the estate will be transformed. You can do everything yourself without a special tool, professional skills.

The only condition for organizing street lighting with neon strips is that the control elements must be located indoors. The cable is fed through closed trenches.

It is impossible to imagine outdoor advertising without neon:

  • showcase framing;
  • 3D letters;
  • logos;
  • artistic compositions.

In the premises, flexible neon is used to illuminate the floor, ceiling configurations. They decorate furniture in the kitchen, bedroom and living room, use it as additional lighting for rooms.

One of the novelties of using flexible neon is tuning cars, motorcycles, bicycles. 12 V batteries are used to connect the lighting design.

The Benefits of Flexible Neon

The main reasons for the popularity of neon ribbons are reliability, cost-effectiveness. A properly installed system will last for decades. Advantages of LED strips:

  • saving power consumption – 1 m consumes up to 9.6 W;
  • ecological cleanliness – no harmful chemical, electromagnetic and UV radiation;
  • safety – no glass parts plus a reliable shell to protect against electric shock;
  • high flexibility;
  • waterproof coating;
  • resistance to single mechanical loads up to 100 kg;
  • fire safety – does not heat up, does not provoke a fire;
  • Warranty duration 2 years subject to the conditions of use – switching on at night, round-the-clock operation is prohibited;
  • possibility of self-assembly.

The only drawback of flexible cords is the price is higher than for neon lamps. But in terms of the service life, reliability, safety, the total cost is 10-15 times lower.

Buy flexible neon wholesale in Ukraine

SW POWER LTD is a wholesale supplier of neon flex led of its own lighting production. Products go through 2 stages of quality control.

We understand the importance of timely delivery of materials for architectural, design and advertising projects. Therefore, we always meet the deadlines, we try to complete the order before the appointed date. More than 20 enterprises throughout Ukraine prefer to buy flexible neon from us, because:

  • we give a guarantee of 2 years;
  • we supply certified flexible neon LED strip – for decades of work we have not received quality claims;
  • we work with small and large batches;
  • reasonable, flexible prices;
  • we send products to any regions of the country;
  • We fulfill orders on time – there is always a warehouse stock, and modern production technology and well-functioning logistics quickly supplement it to the required volumes.

To order and buy flexible neon wholesale in Ukraine, fill out an application on the website. Employees of the sales department will call you to clarify the choice of assortment, quantity, delivery time and help you purchase related items for LED lighting.