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SW POWER LTD direct supplier and manufacturer of LED products, controllers and power supplies. We keep up with the times, monitor novelties and trends in the advertising lighting market in order to offer always up-to-date, high-quality solutions for lighting advertising and other products.

Looking for where to buy wholesale LED products? The SWPower catalog contains lamps, tapes, modules and all accessories for them. Go to the category of interest on our LED products website to start shopping.

LED Product Supplier

SWPower is a direct supplier of LED products. We sell advertising lighting and accessories from the manufacturer – for resale or personal use.

Most of the catalog is occupied by LED-lighting and its accessories. It is environmentally friendly and saves up to 90% on electricity. At the same time, the service life of one LED-lamp is equal to 15 incandescent lamps. The difference is noticeable even within the household, not to mention large-scale production.

LED product range

On the SWPower website, everything is conveniently divided into categories. A wide range includes:

  • ready modules. Small quick-mount LEDs, RGB modules, and the OPTX, Shine and Mini series. They are suitable for outdoor advertising, residential lighting, commercial establishments, signage;
  • flexible neon in 10 colors. Suitable for retro decorative lighting. Transforms the interior of bars and restaurants, attracts increased attention to outdoor advertising. Easy to attach with plastic or aluminum clips;
  • LED strips. A way to make accent lighting is to focus the viewer’s eye on a particular object or area. The lighting color varies from warm yellow to cool purple. Depends on your choice;
  • components. Power supplies, controllers, amplifiers. The RGB controller, for example, allows you to conveniently control SWPower products – adjust the brightness, change the color, turn the lights on and off. Works with both modules and feeds.

With the help of products from our catalog, you can realize all design solutions without sacrificing functionality. Our modules are safe with low voltage operation, over 50,000 hours of service life and easy maintenance. Elements that are broken are easy to replace without service.

LED lighting applications

If at first LED lamps were used only in electronic devices, now they are a full-fledged source of lighting. Moreover, they can be used not only in closed spaces. They are equally suitable for both landscape design and outdoor advertising.

Note. It is LED modules that are used to illuminate signboards from three-dimensional letters. Flat signs are often framed with tape.

The use of LED lighting in large-scale production and in shopping centers allows you to save on electricity and maintain the status of an ECO friendly organization. In addition, there are separate LED lamps and strips for external illumination of buildings. They improve the face of the city in the evening by emphasizing unusual architectural solutions.

Wholesale LED products

Businesses, households and even entire cities are switching to LED lamps. Demand is growing at a faster pace. According to analysts’ forecasts, by 2025 the global market for led products will amount to $100 billion. An annual growth rate of 10-11% is expected. Given this, it is profitable to buy LED products in bulk for subsequent distribution to the final consumer.

An interesting fact. In 2018, the street lighting market in Ukraine sank by 38%, but this does not apply to LED products. Its share increased by 30%. Now the numbers are even higher.

If you are the owner of a large enterprise or a representative of the municipal government, buying in bulk also makes a lot of sense. Since the market has not experienced overproduction, the margin remains at an elevated level. You significantly lose on the services of intermediaries.

Sale of LED products from the manufacturer

In our online store you will buy SWPower products with a guarantee of the best price. Partial transfer of production to China allows us to produce LED lighting cheaper with the same quality. Less cost means less price. Our features:

  • own production and cooperation with China;
  • everything for LED lighting in one place;
  • the ability to quickly order online;
  • manufacturing guarantees

Voltage, power and protection correspond to the declared parameters in the product card. We give up to 2 years warranty for the product. You can get acquainted with our products in the store on the territory of the Kharkiv department store or place an order using the form on the website. We will call you to clarify the details.

How to order?

Would you like to order LED products from SW POWER LTD? It will take you a couple of minutes to place an order. Do it in 3 steps:

  1. click on the “Checkout” button on the website of the SWPower online store;
  2. Enter your full name and contact phone number;
  3. wait for a call from the manager.

You can preview the SWPower catalog in advance or ask a consultant for advice. We will learn more about your needs, offer the best solution in terms of price / quality ratio.