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LED lighting requires a special kind of power supply and cannot simply be plugged into an outlet. This requires special power supplies for LEDs that convert the current and voltage of the mains into the required indicators. These transducer systems are hidden. They can be placed inside fixtures, connected to diode strips. In order for the lighting to function properly, it is necessary to choose the right power supply.

Varieties of power supplies

Diode strips are powered by power supplies. According to the type of construction, they are divided into the following types:

  • sealed enclosures;
  • leaky modifications;
  • semi-sealed models.

Unsealed power supplies are considered the most common. They are perforated metal cases. This variety is usually used when installing lighting in dry rooms. Such blocks are installed to convert electricity in offices, bedrooms, living rooms. Blocks are not protected from moisture. Compared to other options, leaky models have a longer service life. A wide range of models allows you to find instances of the desired power. There are models designed for high-power LEDs.

Sealed models are available in a waterproof case. They are intended for mounting diodes in rooms with a high level of humidity, in street lighting. Inside such structures, all circuits and other nodes are filled with silicone. It prevents moisture from getting inside. The disadvantage of these blocks is that they cool worse.

Sealed blocks are not afraid of moisture, rain, frost, sun. It is forbidden to use power sources when immersed in water. Underwater lighting is mounted using other types of blocks.

Attention. Sealed models are used when installing ceiling lighting. Compact dimensions allow you to hide the power source behind the sides.

Semi-hermetic blocks can be used to illuminate warehouses, attics and other premises. They are ideal for diodes placed in unheated rooms, under roofs. The blocks have a semi-hermetic body, an opening lid. Behind it is easy access to filling. Ventilation grills for cooling are placed on the sides.

LED power supplies

PSUs vary in power. The voltage of the LED strip can be from 5 to 36 or more V. This indicator is taken into account when buying a unit. It can also be from 5 to 48 V. The voltage is different, for example, 300 or 650 milliamps. In such units, the voltage jumps slightly, depending on the incandescence of the diodes, their temperature.

When assembling LED systems, the power is calculated for every hundred centimeters of tape length. To ensure it, either power supplies or led drivers are used. They are rated by the critical power output, calculated in watts, for example, 12V/240W, 350mA/24W, etc.

How to choose a power source for LEDs

When choosing a PSU for an LED strip, the following criteria are taken into account:

  • aggregate dimensions;
  • hull tightness;
  • ribbon power;
  • tape tension.

When a diode tape is connected in parallel, the calculation is made based on the footage of the diode tape. This figure is multiplied by the power of 1 meter. A surcharge of at least 20% is made to the result. The total amount will be the power of the PSU.

Important. Selecting a driver for diodes is more difficult than a PSU.

For led driver calculations, the number of diode assemblies and the voltage range are taken. For example, there are five assemblies with a current of 300 mA. One assembly has a voltage of 15 volts. For power, you need to sum up the data, you get a total voltage indicator, and the current should keep an indicator of 300 mA. Based on these data, a driver is selected. It should be slightly more powerful than the total calculation amounts.

The type of driver and PSU case is selected depending on the operating conditions of the device. For street lighting, a model with a sealed housing is selected. In cold rooms, a semi-hermetic model is mounted. Leaking units may only be used in dry rooms.

For some types of lamps, systems are used that are originally built into the light source, for example, in spotlights, lamps.

Buy wholesale LED power supplies

On sale there are power supplies for LEDs of different types. They differ in size, body type, power. When choosing a model, all characteristics should be taken into account.

A properly selected PSU can last a year. If there is a ventilation system, the device will function for a long time.

When choosing the type of construction, the degree of heating should be taken into account. The more powerful the product, the more it will heat up. Sufficient space must be provided for heat dissipation. We offer power supplies for LEDs of different power, presented in various cases. Among the proposals there is always something that fits the given requirements.