Mini 2

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Colour:white 7000K, green, red, warm 3000K, yellow
Crystal type:SMD 3528
Light flow:25 lm
Power:0.3 W
Producing country:China
Protection:IP 65
Scattering angle:120 °
Voltage:12V DC
Warranty:2 years

Budget solution for small letters and complex shapes with a depth of 30 – 90 mm. Thanks to the increased brightness, excellent illumination of the sign is achieved. With a depth of 90 mm, the step along the centers of the module will be 80 mm

Features and benefits
  • Small sizes 33*6.3*4.8
  • Max Tj temperature 65ºC
  • Brightness dip < 20% for two years
  • CRI over 70
  • High degree of protection IP65
  • 2 year warranty


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