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An LED controller is a control device for an RGB strip. At his command, spotlights of red, green and blue LEDs change the brightness of the luminosity. Changing the brightness of LED spotlights and their combinations create any shade of the color spectrum. For example, blue and red LEDs with green turned off give magenta. Burning all three lamps creates a white glow.

Types of RGB controllers

An LED controller may differ from its counterparts in the following ways:

  • Management method.
  • The principle of forming a light scheme.
  • Number of control algorithms.
  • Purchase cost.

The operation of the RSL tapes is controlled remotely by commands of either a radio signal or an infrared beam. In the first case, the body can be completely hidden by decorative niches or furniture. In the second, the remote control and the case must be in line of sight, otherwise the infrared beam will not hit the catching detectors.

Infrared controllers are optimal for residential premises, while for large halls it is best to choose devices that transmit control signals via radio. The range of the radio remote control can be significantly increased by installing an external antenna. This will allow you to control the operation of the LED lighting placed on the facade of the building.

LED controllers shape the light scene in different ways. RGB lighting can be static or dynamic. With a static light scene, the LED only lights up in the specified color. With a dynamic light scene, the spectrum and brightness of the light change according to the underlying algorithm. The higher the price of the LED controller, the wider its software capabilities to change the dynamics of the glow.

The standard software set allows:

  • smooth or, conversely, sharply change the spectrum of light;
  • flicker – smoothly increase and decrease the intensity of the glow;
  • blink;
  • shine in highlight mode.
  • Advantages of LED lighting

    RGB tapes cannot be attributed to the main lighting. The power of the LEDs is not enough to generate a strong luminous flux. We recommend buying RGB LED strips as one of the interior design solutions for a private house, such as a nursery or bedroom. They can be used as original lighting for multi-tiered stretch ceilings, built into furniture or decorative elements.

    Tapes are easily attached to any flat surface – horizontal, vertical, curved. LEDs do not need a lot of electricity to work, and therefore the tapes can work for a long time on compact rechargeable batteries. Important! Although LEDs have a lifetime limit of decades, the practical lifetime depends on the quality of the LED. Really high-quality RGB tapes and controllers for them are sold at SWPower.
    LED controllers wholesale
    But RGB ribbons and controllers are most popular in the design of nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, entertainment complexes, etc. SWPower sells LED controllers for RGB strips in bulk to their owners. Our prices are the most favorable in the Ukrainian market. You can pay for your purchase in cash and by bank transfer. We will send to legal entities in electronic or paper form all the documents confirming the purchase in our online store.

    In our catalog, controllers are presented from the world’s best manufacturers. They are compatible with all types of LED strips. We will promptly deliver all your purchases to any city in Ukraine. If you need high-quality, reliable and functional controllers for RGB LED strips? So you should only buy them from SWPower.