Neon green 12V

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Crystal type:SMD 2835
Light flow:900 lm
Power:9.6 W/m
Producing country:China
Protection:IP 67
Scattering angle:120 °
Voltage:12V DC
Warranty:2 years

One of the novelties in the field of lighting is soft light neon flex, or, as they call it, ice flex neon, cold neon. It is a light silicone cord with a matte pink sheath and light diodes 120 pcs/m. Behind the rosette of the matte shell, an equal neon glow emerges, like gas neon tubes. The multiplicity of cutting is 26 mm. The sphere of congestion is great – the design of advertising, everyday life, architecture, design and design. Ease of installation, zavdyaki plastic or aluminum clips. Special plugs to give accurate installation.