COB tape

LED strip 120 diodes per meter

RGB strips

Led strip s type

Tape with lens


Ribbon RGB 60 d/m

Ribbon RGB 60 d/m

Colour: RGB
Crystal type: SMD 5050
Power: 12 W/m
Scattering angle: 120 °
Voltage: 12V DC

The most modern way to create a linear backlight is the RGB LED strip. This is a thin three-color luminous strip. Each color can be included individually or in any combination. It will clearly emphasize the contours of a building, topiary, arch or architectural structure. RGB tape is used to illuminate the false ceiling, scenery, auto tuning. The waterproof luminous strip can be used to illuminate the aquarium, fountain and pool. Illumination colors can be turned on individually by the controller. Often controlled remotely using a remote control.

Advantages of RGB LED strip

The most basic advantage of a three-color lighting strip is decorative. During installation, controllers are used that allow you to adjust:

  • separate inclusion of each color or combination thereof;
  • the brightness of each color;
  • Effects based on turning on each color channel in turn.

Controllers allow you to create many artistic effects. Colors can simply blink, create the effect of a “traveling wave”, smoothly “flow” one into another.

Important! You can control the modes manually and using the programmed modes of the controller.

Advantages of RGB tape:

  1. Durability.
  2. Longer life than incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
  3. Easy Mounting – Most tapes come with an adhesive strip that makes it easy to stick the tape to anything.
  4. Small size and flexibility allow you to realize any design ideas.
  5. Waterproof power supplies and tapes allow you to mount lighting outdoors, in damp or wet environments.
  6. Electrical safety with proper installation – the tape receives low voltage current through the transformer.
  7. Economy – LEDs are by far the most economical light source.

One of the reasons why LED strips are so popular is the combination of environmental friendliness and weather resistance. The low heating temperature allows you to mount the lighting strips in any place. The diode tape will not damage the stretch ceiling or the dashboard of the car.

RGB LED strip specifications

Structurally, the diode tape is a flexible board on which colored LEDs are alternately placed. Diode colors: red, green, blue. By mixing these colors, you can create all shades of light, even white. LEDs of the same color are connected in series with one conductive path. In fact, an RGB tape can be considered as a complex of three monocolor tapes, united by one shell.

Important! You can cut off the ICE tape only in certain places, otherwise it will not work. You need to pay attention to this when buying in a store – a diode device cannot simply be cut by meters, like a regular wire.

An important characteristic of the tape is the magnitude of the luminous flux. It is determined by the number of LEDs per 1 meter. Tapes have different luminosity temperature (color temperature) – from 2700 to 10000 K.

Types of RGB ribbons

Three types of LED strips are produced: white, mono-color and tri-color. In RGB tapes, the SMD5050 chip is most often installed. Structurally, it has three diode crystals, which are soldered into a 5×5 mm case with two leads on each. The numbers in the designation indicate the size of the case.

Tapes are divided according to moisture protection and control method. The standard provides for three degrees of moisture protection: IP 20, IP 54, IP 65. A product with IP 20 protection is leaky and is used exclusively in dry rooms. With protection IP 54 – operated in wet areas. IP 65 – can be used underwater.


There are two ways to control RGB tapes: standard and SM-Control. A controller is used with a conventional three-color ribbon. It controls the on/off and brightness of each color channel. Works in the manual mode or according to the set programs.

SM-Control performs address control of diodes or groups of diodes (screen pixels). Scope of application: outdoor video screens, media facades, information boards, light-dynamic panels, complex spatial advertising video structures. The fundamental difference between the SM-Control control system and the usual one is that you can control each pixel or module separately. This allows movies, advertisements and dynamic animations to be played on the video screen.

The control is performed by microprocessors connected to each LED. The microprocessor (SM-2801, 2812, etc.) controls the constant current LED. The controller generates a digital code and controls the microprocessor, which controls the brightness of the LED. Chips can be combined into chains, while maintaining the ability to control each LED separately.

RGB ribbon wholesale

It is more profitable to buy goods in bulk. When buying in bulk prices are lower. No time is wasted searching for RGB tapes and accessories from different manufacturers. Delivery from one supplier is more convenient and cheaper.

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