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RGB-3 without lens

RGB-3 without lens

Colour: RGB
Crystal type: SMD 5050
Power: 0.72 W
Scattering angle: 120 °
Voltage: 12V DC



Colour: RGB
Crystal type: SMD 5050
Power: 0.72 W
Scattering angle: 160 °
Voltage: 12V DC

The manufacturer of controllers and power supplies offers to buy LED rgb modules with decorative effects. In the SWPower corporate catalog you will find low-current and powerful devices for architectural, advertising, interior lighting. On the site you can order clusters of different sizes, led strips, accessories at affordable prices.

Characteristics of LED rgb modules

Traditional lighting has been replaced by economical semiconductor devices. RGB LEDs are 3 crystals in one package with a common anode, cathode or 6 outputs. The name was determined by the emitted colors: red, green, blue. Under the control of a three-channel controller, they form an optical effect of different intensity:

  • modification with anode is regulated by positive polarity signals;
  • with cathode – negative pulses;
  • multichannel allows any switching options.

The devices are made of LED-crystals connected in series in a circuit. SMD or COB resistors are connected by stranded wires, placed in sealed enclosures with IP65 protection classes. Among themselves, the clusters differ in the degree of protection, the angle of emission of light fluxes. When choosing, pay attention to the voltage and safety that determines the outdoor or indoor lighting. Universal types include samples with a power of 5, 12, 220 V.

Low-current structures

The advantages of 12 V systems from 3 to 6 LEDs in one box with different protection classes include safety. Cases made of plastic and metal are equipped with 4 outlets for connecting several clusters with a cable into a chain. Low-voltage devices are indispensable for quick installation in any environment. 3M tape included for easy installation. For operation, a power supply with a total power exceeding the potential of the LEDs is required.

Clusters 220 V

Samples in the form of a board on metal with SMD semiconductors began to be exploited relatively recently. They are mostly IP20 rated, excluding chips and IP54 silicone coated contacts. The rgb LED module is used for outdoor advertising, where condensation and raindrops can accumulate. They are often installed in landscape and city lamps with ultra-bright bulbs without additional drivers, but with an aluminum radiator to remove heat from the plate, extending the operation of the SMD matrix.

Fields of application of LED rgb modules

Multicolor diodes are used to indicate and form dynamically changing backlights, to implement different lighting scenarios in small areas. rgb led modules are suitable for lighting:

  • advertising and information stands, other low-voltage structures;
  • architectural elements;
  • road signs;
  • trade and exhibition equipment;
  • Escape routes.

Advantages of LED rgb modules

The ability to create directional light streams made the devices indispensable for local illumination. Products are distinguished by:

  • compact dimensions;
  • long period of work: more than 10 years;
  • low resource consumption;
  • high light output;
  • possibility of lighting in different weather conditions;
  • simple control;
  • repairability.
  • quick installation.

Buy wholesale LED rgb modules in Ukraine

Order from us clusters assembled using COB technology, pixel panels for illuminating panels, and other modifications to solve any problems at wholesale prices with delivery throughout Ukraine. Our rgb led modules have been certified, meet quality and safety standards. Depending on the model, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 2-5 years.