Quick Mount LEDs

Smart pixels


Pixel R5/9mm

Pixel R5/9mm

Colour: blue, cold 10000K, green, orange, red, yellow
Power: 0.15 W
Voltage: 12V DC

Quick-mount LEDs are the bestsellers, replacing energy-saving light bulbs. Advantages – ease of installation and versatility. Diodes are an additional source, as well as the main element of lighting.

Quick Mount LED Specifications

The hermetically sealed housing does not require additional protection when placed outdoors or in a damp room.


Voltage (V) 12 (DC)
Power (W) 0.15
Diameter (mm) 9
Colors green, blue, yellow, orange, red, white
Manufacturer (country) China
Service life (hours) 30000
Brand SWPower
Glow uniform
Warranty (years) 2

Parallel connection ensures reliable lighting operation. If one diode fails, the rest continue to work.

Fields of application for quick-mount LEDs

On our site diodes of different colors are presented. The compact size and brightness make the quick mount LED popular on an industrial scale. Apply for:

  • illumination of objects, space and surfaces;
  • highlighting parts and elements in the car;
  • arranging company logos;
  • brightness of outdoor advertising and signs;
  • architectural lighting;
  • illumination of corridors in houses and entrances;
  • windows, counters, boutiques;
  • interior design, furniture;
  • single-color scrolling displays

LED lighting makes advertising memorable. Low power consumption and low price help keep costs down.


An LED module is a board with diodes on its surface. The device has gained popularity among commercial companies. Advantages:

  • security;
  • small size;
  • convenience, aesthetics, reliability;
  • economical, does not consume a lot of energy;
  • easy to install;
  • permitted to use in places with high humidity;
  • service life.

Fast mounting diodes are valued at a low price. Led lighting for advertising signs will help:

  • attract customers;
  • make the image of the establishment attractive.

For uninterrupted operation, you must purchase a kit with a power supply. The power should exceed the total power of the diodes by 20-25%.

Advantages over light bulbs:

  • lifetime 30,000 hours;
  • directional radiation;
  • when used as a light source, it will save on electricity;
  • do not contain mercury, so there are no problems with disposal;
  • you can choose the lighting of the desired color;
  • reach the maximum luminous flux immediately after switching on.

LEDs are an economical source of lighting.

Buy wholesale fast mounting LEDs in Ukraine

LEDs are popular with businesses as well as designers. On our website you can place a bulk purchase. We will complete the order in full. You can buy from us:

  • ready-made diodes;
  • Place an individual order.

The products have passed quality control. We take into account the wishes of the client. We carry out standard as well as complex orders. The wholesale price is lower than the retail price, so it is advantageous to purchase the required volume of products at once.

Consultants will answer questions and help you choose the right product. To apply, you can contact us:

  • on the phone;
  • via a form posted on the site;
  • via email.

We ship orders across the territory of Ukraine. SWPower quick mounting LEDs are suitable for lighting rooms, showcases, furniture. A reliable, durable device is attached with plastic or aluminum clips, so installation does not take much time.