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S-type tape

Colour: white 7000K, blue, cold 10000K, green, orange, red, violet, warm 3000K, yellow
Crystal type: SMD 2835
Power: 7.2W/m
Scattering angle: 120 °
Voltage: 12V DC

The s type LED strip is a strip on a flexible substrate with LEDs evenly spaced along the entire length. It is used in the organization of interior lighting, when illuminating furniture, kitchen sets, organizing contour lighting of ceilings. The LED strip has received wide distribution in the design of outdoor advertising.

The s-type tape is convenient for decorating three-dimensional figures and highlighting objects of any geometric complexity due to its flexibility.

S-type LED strip specifications

The s type tape is connected via a power supply and operates with a voltage of 12V DC. The length of the connected segment depends on the power of the power supply.

The most important technical characteristic is the type of crystal. Its features determine the brightness of lighting and some design features. The s type tape contains SMD 2835 crystals. This source produces 20% more light than previous types of crystals, so unnecessary power consumption is avoided. The radiating part of each LED is covered with a phosphor, which visually increases the illumination area.

The choice of power source for connecting to the electrical network depends on the power of the tape. This value is measured in watts per linear meter. The led s type tape has a power of 7.2 watts per linear meter. The scattering angle of the LEDs is 120 degrees.

Scope of application of s-type LED strip

The appearance of tapes in which LEDs are used as light sources has led to the formation of a new look at the interior design of apartments, houses, as well as the architectural design of building facades. In public institutions, with the help of a flexible module, showcases, bar counters, stages, niches, advertising billboards and signs are landscaped.

The stype tape is used to organize lighting and backlighting:

  • advertising structures made of three-dimensional letters;
  • contours of architectural structures and buildings;
  • vehicle bodies.


The advantages of a tape with a glow angle of 120 degrees are:

  • low power consumption;
  • powered by low voltage 7.2 W/m;
  • easy installation;
  • durability: the product is covered by a 2-year warranty;
  • high flexibility;
  • aesthetic appearance. A new way of applying silicone to a flexible profile prevents the base from yellowing after some time after use.

Buy wholesale s type LED strip in Ukraine

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Customers can choose from strips of LEDs in white, yellow, green, red, orange, blue, purple, as well as cold and warm shades. You can place an order through a special form on the website, or by contacting the company manager by contact phone numbers.