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Ribbon 8 mm 120 d/m

Ribbon 8 mm 120 d/m

Colour: white 7000K, cold 15000K, warm 4000K
Crystal type: SMD 2835
Power: 12 W/m
Scattering angle: 120 °
Voltage: 12V DC

Ribbon 5 mm 120 d/m

Ribbon 5 mm 120 d/m

Colour: white 7000K
Crystal type: SMD 2835
Power: 12 W/m
Scattering angle: 120 °
Voltage: 12V DC

LED strip 120 diodes per meter – modern lighting. Suitable for intense and background lighting. Led tape 120 Led m is economical. Helps to provide light to design objects.

LED strip characteristic 120

The tape gives uniform lighting, close to natural. The luminous flux does not strain your eyesight, it works without flickering and noise.

Characteristics Values
Operating time (with intensive work), hours 50000
Acceptable temperature -40°….+50°С
Luminous flux (lumen) 800-6000 (depending on diode types)

The flexible board is made of metal and has a soldered SMD. It consists of a conductive track and a semiconductor, which are connected in pairs with LEDs.

Lighting can be shared. Allowed sections for cutting are indicated by symbols: scissors, dash-dotted line. A layer of protective glue is applied on top, which fixes the diode in the chip.

LED strip 2835 120 diodes refers to high brightness devices. It is characterized by an enhanced glow, a copper conductor, a strong thermal adhesive tape. Helps reduce energy consumption. Increases the quality and area of ​​illumination.

For operation, it is necessary to provide a constant current. Voltage power 12 V or 24 V. To convert electricity, you need a power supply.

Leaky ice tape 120 diodes is equipped with double-sided tape. This makes it possible to mount the backlight on a flat surface.


The LED strip is suitable for interior lighting. They are used as cornice or contour illumination of architectural elements.

Make out:

  • perimeter of rooms, arches, ceilings;
  • building outlines;
  • pools, fountains;
  • facades of shops, houses;
  • advertising structures, showcases;
  • automotive elements.

Depending on the degree of protection, they are used for external illumination of objects, decoration of a bathroom or kitchen.


A tape of 120 diodes per meter is compact. Consumes a small amount of electricity. You can choose a color suitable for interior decoration. Advantages of Led 120::

  • easy to install;
  • long life compared to incandescent lamps;
  • elasticity;
  • slight thickness;
  • compactness;
  • security;
  • moisture protection device allows installation in wet and humid environments, as well as outdoors;
  • a large number of ways to embody the original idea in interior design;
  • affordable price.

The rgb 120 led strip is decorative. The three-color lighting strip allows you to:

  • adjust the brightness of each color;
  • create effects on sequential switching of color channels;
  • individually include and combine colors.

Controllers help create effects: blinking, the appearance of a “rushing wave” or the flow of colors.

Buy wholesale LED strip 120 in Ukraine

The device is profitable to buy in bulk. Bobbin length 5 meters. SW POWER LTD produces various types of tapes.

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LED strip 120 diodes per meter has gained popularity among designers. Used to decorate apartments, industrial enterprises, shops, streets and buildings. The backlight provides uniform illumination. Helps to create a unique image of the room.