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Edge module 1.32

Edge module 1.32

Colour: white 6500K
Crystal type: SMD 3030
Power: 1.32 W
Scattering angle: 10 ° * 60 °
Voltage: 12V DC

Edge module 2.5

Edge module 2.5

Colour: white 6500K
Crystal type: SMD 3030
Power: 2.5 W
Scattering angle: 15ºх45º
Voltage: 12V DC

In decorative lighting of objects, it is more economical to use end LED modules – sources of crystal clear and natural light. They are built into the end face of buildings and structures of any size. Side illumination emits light that does not distort the characteristics of objects, creates lighting effects due to uniform illumination of the entire surface.

Characteristics of edge LED modules

Modules for side lighting have a very simple device. The light source is an LED with certain glow characteristics. It is mounted on a printed circuit board made of anodized aluminum or ABS plastic using surface mount technology. The method of fastening LED components determines the name of the light source – SMD LED. They are produced in separate cases and without them. Less compact will be the LED module for edge lighting in the case. It is better protected from external loads, moisture and dust. Which increases the service life by 10 times.

Side (SMD) modules differ in the following characteristics:

  • power – from 1.32 to 2.5 W and more;
  • luminous flux – from 145 to 240 Lm and brighter (depending on power);
  • voltage – up to 12 V;
  • beam scattering angle — 100*650;
  • color temperature (glow white) – up to 6,500 K;
  • Degree of protection – IP 65.

LED sources vary in size. Therefore, when choosing an end LED element, pay attention to the marking. Four digits in the type of crystal indicate the dimensions of the product. For example, SMD 3030 in the title refers to a case size of 3.0×3.0mm.

Features of LED lights:

  • increased reliability;
  • stable operation for the entire service life;
  • minimum weight (do not make the highlighted structure heavier);
  • easy installation on any type of surface;
  • are placed on a minimum area, in hard-to-reach places;
  • universal.

The service life of LED SMD is 5 years.

Areas of application for edge LED modules

The greatest demand for LED modules for edge lighting is used in advertising. They are used to illuminate billboards, three-dimensional letters (names), billboards, layouts, screens and scoreboards. In this case, the location of the structures does not matter. LED SMD clusters can be used to illuminate objects mounted outdoors – on roofs, building facades, etc.

End LEDs are used in the design of:

  • interior details;
  • landscape structures, objects;
  • landscape figures;
  • facades of public and administrative buildings.

The end placement of the LED backlight allows the use of clusters for one- and two-sided illumination of the structure.


Bright LED backlighting is widely used for additional or decorative lighting due to the ability to implement complex lighting systems in any area. They do not heat the base on which they are fixed, they are easily replaced without damaging the object. Other benefits include:

  • safe installation of lighting equipment;
  • low power consumption (decorating objects with LED modules reduces costs by 50%);
  • high lighting efficiency;
  • different color types of highlights;
  • the ability to use fewer light sources;
  • uniform scattering of rays.

If the side LED lighting is organized by modules with a housing, then the distribution of the light flux will be provided by narrow beams of light. This effect appears due to the secondary optics in the form of a convex lens on top of the element (acrylic, glass).

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