Instructions for connecting units SWP-F12-250W and SWP-F12-300W

Recently, hermetic power supplies SWP-F12-250W and SWP-F12-300W began to fail. After analyzing the situation, it turned out that many customers connected the load to one pair of wires. As a result, inside the unit, the thermal load from the flow of large currents was not evenly distributed, which led to the failure of the power […]


Modules instruction

Instructions for LED strips, modules, flexible neon For the correct operation of LED products and in order to avoid malfunctions, it is necessary to adhere to the storage and operation conditions, as well as correctly calculate the power supply and install it. Only if the following rules and recommendations are followed, the long-term operation of […]

подключение светодиодной ленты

How to connect LED strip

The LED strip allows you to create coziness in an apartment or in a private house. But for many home craftsmen, it becomes a real problem to install LED elements and solder wires. Such work cannot be called difficult, but there are certain nuances in it that should not be overlooked. Today’s article will tell […]


How to test an LED

Approximately 2% of all diodes are defective, so it is important to know how to check the LED for defectlessness. The 2835 LED has become the most widespread. It has a good light output combined with a large scattering angle, as well as compactness and reasonable price. It is used in flashlights, low-voltage lamps, car […]


Flexible neon in assortment

In a silicone shell measuring 6 * 13 mm with a cutting ratio of 23 mm and a 2-year warranty! It bends in a vertical plane at any angle. It is based on a tape on SMD 2835 120 d/m, consumption is only 9.6 W/m, voltage is 12 V, which makes it universal, reliable and […]